How To Translate All English Subtitle SRT File Into Any Language Type

How To Translate All English Subtitle SRT File Into Any Language Type

English subtitles are the most common subtitle language in the world. Currently, there are thousands of languages that have been used around the world except English. Most people need subtitles to understand the movie or the video that they are watching in their own language.

Since it takes a lot of effort and time to create a subtitle file, we are telling you a simpler way to translate our own English subtitle SRT file into any language such as Arabic, Indonesian, Bengali or Bangla, Farsi or Persian, Sinhala, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese…etc.

This method supports, Translating multiple subtitle files at the same time into 80 different languages. It supports SubRip (.srt), WebVTT (.vtt), Spruce Subtitle File (.stl), Youtube Subtitles (.sbv), SubViewer (.sub) and Advanced Sub Station (.ass) formats.

We only provide .srt and .ass files, these are the most convenient subtitles to translate. All our subtitle .srt files are been pre-checked with the following tool. So, you will face no problems, after translating it.

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Step By Step Guide To Translate English SRT File Into Any Other Language.

  • First download your preferred Subtitle SRT from our site, Srt File.

  • Visit This Website Subtitles Translator

  • Upload the downloaded SRT file you wish you change its language as shown below

  • In the next page you can check your files. You can add more files, Remove an individual file, Remove all files, Return to the previous page and go to the next page. You can also check file information, see how many files have been uploaded and how large they are, and if there are any problems with any files you will be informed on this screen as well.

  • Choose your preferred language and click Translate.. Allow it to finish loading.

Incase you re facing any problem ? Kindly notify us through the comment section.

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