Shaffy Bello: Biography, State Of Origin, Movies & Songs, Current Age, Current Net Worth, Wiki, Recent Pictures

Shaffy Bello: Biography, State Of Origin, Movies & Songs, Current Age, Current Net Worth, Wiki, Recent Pictures

Shaffy Bello: Biography, State Of Origin, Movies & Songs, Current Age, Current Net Worth, Wiki, Recent Pictures

Shaffy Bello, Real name Known as Akinrimisi Shaffy Bello is a Nigerian actress and singer. Born and breed in Nigeria who later relocated to the United States in Year 1987 to complete her educations. Shaffy Bello returned back to Nigeria in year 2009. But before that, Shaffy Bello has began her singing career in 1997 when she appeared in Seyi Sodimu’s song titled “Love Me Jeje” which quickly became a street anthem due to its widespread airing. However, many people were unaware that Shaffy Bello was the lady who took the chorus with her remarkable voice.

Shaffy Bello: Wiki Facts & About Data

Full Name: Shaffy Bello Akinrimisi
Born: 8 October 1970 “Aged (53 Years Old)”
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Lagos State
Nationality: Nigerian
Husband: Mr. Akinrimisi (Divorced)
Occupation: Actress, Model, Music Singer
Net Worth: $800, 000 (Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars)

Early Life

Shaffy Bello’s first major role as an actress was in the Yoruba film Eti Keta. After that, she appeared in numerous films, including Twisted Twins, Chief Daddy, Hire A Man, and others. With her parts in Yoruba and English films, she established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian film industry. With her ever-bold and lovely appearance, she is indeed a sight to behold. Shaffy’s dedication to her passion has been the foundation of her career success.

She established a reputation because of the movie “Eti Keta” by Saidi Balogun. Shaffy rose to fame in the English and Yoruba segments of Nollywood after making her acting debut, appearing in films like “Beneficence”, “When Love Happens”, “Moth to a Flame”, “Gbomo Gbomo Express”, “Discontent”, “The Score”, “It’s Her Day”, “Ayekeji”, “Whose Meal Ticket ?”, “Hire A Man”, “Ovy’s Voice”, and “Twi Television roles played by Shaffy Bello are likewise well known. She performed the roles of Mrs. Adami in “Dere: An African Tale,” Mrs. Attah in “Newman Street,” and Agnes Bassey in “Desperate Housewives Africa” in the years 2014 and 2015.

While she has been consistent with her career, She has featured in more movies in the year 2021 to 2023 as at time of writing this discography.


As there are not much information about Primary and Secondary school level, Shaffy Bello took half of her education in Nigeria and later relocated to the United States in year 2009 to complete her other half of the study.

Personal Life

  • Shaffy Bello Age
    As at the time of writing this discography, Shaffy Bello’s current age is 53 Years old
  • Marital Status
    Shaffy Bello got married In 1995, Shaffy wed Mr. Akinrimisi, a Nigerian living in the US. The actress, whose husband adored her and did everything in his power to support her, juggled her marriage, music, and acting careers for 25 years before calling it quits. He also permitted her to go back and forth between Nigeria and the United States to protect her acting career. Unfortunately, these weren’t sufficient to convince her to stay in the union. The actress said she divorced her husband in 2020 after making considerable effort to keep their marriage hidden from curious eyes. So that being said asking is shaffy bello married ?, Yes but She is Divorced.
  • Kids & Children
    Durning our investigations, we discovered Shaffy Bello has only two children and we will be covering their Discographies soon.

    Ashley Bello (Daughter)
    Ashley Bello is the first and only child of Nollywood star Shaffy Bello. She works as a model, cosmetologist, and brand ambassador. Ashley lives abroad and travels to Nigeria on occasion. The celebrity bears an uncanny likeness to her mother and is doing well for herself.

    Ashton Akinrimisi (Son)
    The only son and second child of Nollywood star Shaffy Bello is Ashton Akinrimisi. The 23-year-old image consultant and fashion designer is also a model. He made a good living for himself while studying abroad.

Net Worth

As at the time of investigations, we discovered Shaffy Bello worth more than $800, 000 (Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars) and there are still some wads of endorsements we are unable to collate.

In the Nigerian film industry, she is considered one of the most influential and wealthy actresses. She invests in homes and lands in addition to her acting income. She signed an endorsement contract with the womenswear fashion brand Odeva in July 2020.

Shaffy Bello Movies & Songs (Including Featurings)

Shaffy Bello has numerous Movies which we will be listing beneath with their years.
We do not provide movie download links, so we implore you to check and buy from IMDB or Amazon Prime.

  • Shaffy Bello Movies

    Movie Title Year
    SHE Must Be Obeyed 2023
    The Black Book 2023
    Orisa (Diety) 2023
    Sibe 2023
    Big Love 2023
    The Bloom Boys 2023
    Shanty Town 2023
    réBIRTH 2022
    Convenant 2022
    Elesin Oba: The King’s Horseman 2022
    One Bad Turn 2022
    Obsession 2022
    The Rise of Igbinogun 2022
    Before Valentine’s 2022
    Head Over Bills 2022
    Chief Daddy 2: Going For Broke 2022
    Online 2021
    De Wedding Gift 2021
    Crazy Grannies 2021
    The Therapist 2021
    Battleground 2021
    2 Weeks In Lagos 2021

    There are lot more which you can consider checking on Netflix, Amazon, Showmax or IMDB.

  • Shaffy Bello Music & Songs
    Love Me Jeje by Seyi Sodimu

Social Media

We only posted her instagram handle because it’s the only verified page we can suggest

  • Instagram: @iamshaffybello

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