My Holo Love (KDrama) English Subtitles [Complete]

My Holo Love English subtitles for Season 1 were released from Korean Drama. My Holo Love Kdrama Subtitles download ExactSubtitles as a zip with complete episodes compressed, so you don’t have to download them individually. Sar Korean series is released on 2022, you can find more korean drama series english subtitles from our KDrama Subs.

Your No. 1 trusted subtitle blog, Exactsubtitles, is here to ensure you have an easy read through the subtitle of trending movies and Tv Shows. Below, we have provided the subs for My Holo Love Season 1 Subtitles download (SRT Extension).

My Holo Love (Netflix) Official Poster;

My Holo Love (2020) is a South Korean sci-fi romance drama series directed by Lee Sang-yeop and written by Ryu Yong-jae. The story revolves around Han So-yeon (Ko Sung-hee), a woman with face blindness who struggles to connect with others due to her condition. She receives a pair of AI glasses, Holo, which creates a virtual companion named Go Nan-do (Yoon Hyun-min). Unbeknownst to her, Nan-do is the reclusive developer of the AI technology. As So-yeon forms a bond with Holo, she becomes entangled in a love triangle with her virtual companion and Nan-do, who is drawn to her genuine warmth and kindness. The series explores themes of identity, loneliness, and the boundaries between reality and virtuality, offering a unique and touching narrative about love and human connection.

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My Holo Love (KDrama) English Subtitles Below;

  • My Holo Love Episode 1 Eng Sub (S01E01)
  • My Holo Love Episode 2 Eng Sub (S01E02)
  • My Holo Love Episode 3 Eng Sub (S01E03)
  • My Holo Love Episode 4 Eng Sub (S01E04)
  • My Holo Love Episode 5 Eng Sub (S01E05)
  • My Holo Love Episode 6 Eng Sub (S01E06)
  • My Holo Love Episode 7 Eng Sub (S01E07)
  • My Holo Love Episode 8 Eng Sub (S01E08)
  • My Holo Love Episode 9 Eng Sub (S01E09)
  • My Holo Love Episode 10 Eng Sub (S01E10)
  • My Holo Love Episode 11 Eng Sub (S01E11)
  • My Holo Love Episode 12 Eng Sub (S01E12)
  • My Holo Love Episode 13 Eng Sub (S01E13)
  • My Holo Love Episode 14 Eng Sub (S01E14)
  • My Holo Love Episode 15 Eng Sub (S01E15)
  • My Holo Love Episode 16 Eng Sub (S01E16)

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Non-Hi version of the subtitle has been uploaded. Hi/SDH versions also added in the zip file. All the available versions have been compressed in the above file.

This should work with all HDTV and WEBRip versions.

My Holo Love.S01.Complete.E01-16.END.720p-NEXT-KCW-VIU-WEB-DL-APEX-NF

How to Get My Holo Love Korean series English Subtitle:-

  • If you are watching on Mobile (MX or another player)
  • First Download Subtitles from above.
  • If it is in Zip format then extract it.
  • After that Move the SRT file to the Movie/Tv-Series Folder.
  • Open The video player.
  • Click on the video you need to open.
  • Click on the right-side button (in MX player).
  • Then click on the subtitle option and then click on Open.
  • Then go to the subtitle file and click on the subtitle file.
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In case you don’t know how to add a Subtitle file to a film this is the drill. After you’re done downloading the My Holo Love korean drama Zip file, Locate the folder and paste the film you’re about to watch into the same folder with the Subtitle file.

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